Hey, I'm Mark-Jan, based in Berlin and my my main field of interests lies in the creation of/research on information visualization. In 2017 I graduated with a master's of arts degree from the design master program (focus on Interface Design/Information Visualization) of the FH Potsdam. Currently I'm working as a research associate at the UCLAB (FH Potsdam) as well as a freelancer. If you'd like to work together, if you are interested in anything or if just want to say hi and chat, feel free to drop me a message!




since apr 2018
research associate
UCLAB, FH Potsdam

oct 2015 – oct 2017
master of arts, Design (Interface Design)
Fachhochschule Potsdam

since aug 2014

feb 2014 – aug 2014
infographic artist
Golden-Section-Graphics (now Infographics Group), Berlin

aug 2012 – feb 2013
term abroad
Universidad de Buenos Aires

sep 2010 – feb 2015
bachelor of arts, communications design,
fachhochschule aachen – university of applied sciences

jun 2010 – aug 2010 & jan 2011 – feb 2011
internship, photography
Photographic Studio Vauth, Datteln

Given/Future Talks & Workshops

Upcoming: »Theodor Fontanes Schreibverfahren im Spiegel seiner (digitalen) Bibliothek«
with Anna Busch, Kristina Genzel (Theodor-Fontane-Archiv) & Viktoria Brüggemann (UCLAB, FH Potsdam)
Fontanes Medien (1819-2019) – Internationaler Kongress
Potsdam, Germany: Jun 14 2019

Upcoming: »Skalierbare Exploration. Prototypenstudie zur Visualisierung einer Autorenbibliothek am Beispiel der ›Handbibliothek Theodor Fontanes‹«
with Anna Busch (Theodor-Fontane-Archiv) & Viktoria Brüggemann (UCLAB, FH Potsdam)
DHd 2019
Frankfurt, Germany: Mar 27 2019

»Zwischen Distanz und Nähe: Einzelne Objekte und übergreifende Muster in Sammlungen visualisieren«
with Viktoria Brüggemann (UCLAB, FH Potsdam)
Germany Museum Symposium: Das digitale Objekt
Munich, Germany: Dec 12 2018

»Fontanes Handbibliothek visualisieren«
with Anna Busch (Theodor-Fontane-Archiv)
Randkulturen. Lese- und Gebrauchsspuren in Autorenbibliotheken des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts
Zurich, Switzerland: Nov 16 2018

»Visualisierung und Gestaltung digitaler Kultursammlungen«
with Viktoria Brüggemann (UCLAB, FH Potsdam)
Exponat – Raum – Interaktion.Perspektiven für das Kuratieren digitalerAusstellungen.
Gotha, Germany: Nov 9 2018

Workshop: »A dive into the depot – Co-Designing Visualizations of Cultural Collections«
with Viktoria Brüggemann (UCLAB, FH Potsdam)
Information+ Conference 2018
Potsdam, Germany: Oct 19 2018

Workshop: »Introduction to D3.js«
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
Potsdam, Germany: May 3 2017


Information Is Beautiful Award 2015
Infographic Gold
for Rare Earth Elements

ADC 2015
Corporate Publishing – Extern: Bronze
with Team of Golden Section Graphics
for Saisonbroschüre des Symphonieorchesters des BR

SELECTED from Bilbao 2015
Student category: shortlist
for Rare Earth Elements

IIID Award 2014
Student Gold
for Indeland, Energy Infographics

Mark-Jan Bludau

Wilhelmshavener Str. 52

10551 Berlin, Germany

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